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The Long Island Lacrosse Showcase events are the most cost-effective opportunities for the high school players of Long Island to be recognized for their lacrosse skills. For over ten years, these events are widely recognized as the premier events for exposure before college coaches of all levels.

The FINAL FALL SHOWCASE is one of the last opportunities for juniors and sophomores to display their talents to college coaches before they scale down their efforts and turn their attention to gearing up for their upcoming 2022 spring season.


Hosted in collaboration with the Nassau County Lacrosse Coaches Association and the Suffolk County Lacrosse Coaches Association, the Long Island Lacrosse Showcase is a must-see event for college lacrosse coaches.


This year, the entire event will be recorded by Varsity Media and made available in an 'On-Demand' format in an effort to assist those college coaches who cannot attend because of NCAA restrictions or other conflicts/restrictions.


Players may also purchase copies of their games from Varsity Media - great clips to add to your highlight video!

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